For over a decade I’ve worked in the television industry.

Creating, producing and developing countless shows, my TV career has been a privilege. The hard work it demanded and the beautiful people it brought into my life are what sparked the creation of MOVE YOUR BOOTY in the first place. Realizing how hard our society demands we work, while attempting to balance the rest of our lives, opened my eyes to how little time we spend prioritizing our health. Slowly but surely I realized I had something to say about that and a passion to work with people on it.

But it’s time I stop double-timing.

My entire career up to this point has been spent on getting people to sit still and stay tuned. But in truth, what I really want them to do is get up and go.

So today I’m doing just that: getting up and going. I’m leaving the TV industry and New York City for my home state of North Carolina to be closer to family and truly commit to something that isn’t just a side project or a hobby or a thing I like to do on the side anymore.

Today I make my mistress my main squeeze.

Twelve years in New York City changes you–but not in the way you might think. We all arrive in NYC with an idea of who we are and what we want to do. But the non-stop sleepless thrilling grind of this city strips you of everything you thought you knew about yourself. And by process of elimination you’re left with this raw sense of self that you can no longer deny. Often you’re no different at your core than who you were when you arrived — you’re just more comfortable, at peace with it, ready to embrace it by storm and shout it from the rooftop.

But I wasn’t the only one finding myself.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve witnessed nothing less than a full-on fitness revolution in New York City – and beyond.

New York will always be the city that never sleeps. But in the past 12 years, it’s decided to wake up a whole lot earlier. If I told someone that people would be clamoring to get into a cycling class the way they line up at a club in the Meatpacking District they would have told me shut my pie hole. Some people did, in fact. Like the time I was laughed out of a running store circa 2003 after I asked to try on pants “with flare.” Apparently Lululemon was listening.

Back then, I couldn’t have paid my friends to run a race.

Maybe it was because I ran with a DiscMan (a basically impossible feat – google it). Or maybe it was because the idea of paying money to wake up before sunrise to run in circles in Central Park sounded like torture to most. But today almost everyone I know has run some kind of race — if you can get a spot before it sells out, that is. Since then I’ve been privileged to have friends by my side as we ran 5 marathons, attended countless yoga classes, barre classes, cycling classes, captured CrossFit PRs, feasted on long bike rides, and found wild ways to sweat clear across the city — you name it, we’ve sweat through it. And the endorphins are contagious in this town. Even the last kid to be picked in gym now has a favorite workout studio or juice spot, and a new one pops up on the daily.

Today wellness is so popular, it’s almost too popular.

There’s maybe even too much hype, too much obsession, too many new workout studios and juice bars. But I’ll take it. It’s a great problem to have. Fine by me if we as a society want to go into debt buying too many superfoods, too many workout classes and just sprint towards a collective overdose of our own endorphins. Fine. By. Me.

Because the time for ‘MOVE YOUR BOOTY’ is now.

Since this brand was born in 2009, MYB has been on a mission to make wellness fun, social, realistic, accessible and even cool.

Now, staring out at a landscape where our health is quickly rising to the top of society’s list of priorities, the future looks bright. We’re in the midst of a “movement movement” — and I couldn’t be more excited to get my MYB on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure it doesn’t slow down anytime soon.

So now what?

Lots more MOVE YOUR BOOTY action is what!


As always, every month I’ll kick off the monthly 22 workout challenge. All kinds of workouts count and anyone anywhere at any fitness level can participate. SIGN UP here to make sure you’re on the list.


I work one-on-one with clients (and I love it!). Thanks to the magic of technology, anyone anywhere can partake in my wellness programs and I currently work with clients all over the US – sometimes even internationally. One month, 3 month and 6 month programs are customizable to your personal health goals — cuz we’re all different, right?! But if you’re interested in working together with a buddy or a group, I can make that happen, too. And obviously, I’ve got a lot more slots available than I used to. Learn more about it all here and schedule your FREE 20 minute consult. Because remember: you don’t have to be sick to get well.


Health doesn’t have to be a solo mission. And in fact, we workout better when we do it together. So look forward to lots of  MYB sweat club events! There will be workout studio events, regular running group dates and pop up workouts galore! Be the first to know about events HERE.

But I couldn’t have done this without you.

The power of people is real. I’ve been so inspired by each of you and I can’t wait to bring MYB to even more people.

Because together, we can all go further.


Emily @ MYB

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