MOVE YOUR BOOTY is motivation to move in wellness and in life. We create wellness content and programs for groups and individuals. Using the power of community and accountability, we motivate you to achieve your health goals in a way that intertwines health success with life success. Health doesn’t have to be a solo mission. Join the movement.

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Up for a (free) workout challenge? Make fitness a habit in just four weeks with MYBx22. The challenge: complete 22 workouts in one month. What types of workouts count? All of them. Any workout at any level. Start right where you are. A workout you hate is one you won’t do – find something you actually enjoy. After all, fitness is adult recess.

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*Please consult your doctor before you begin any exercise program.  


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about emily

For the past decade,

my job was to get people to sit still and stay tuned,

when what I really wanted them to do was get up and go.

After 12 years in TV, with a wellness biz “on the side,”

I’ve decided to make my mistress my main squeeze.



During my decade in the corporate trenches, I created a simple website called MOVE YOUR BOOTY to support friends also struggling with wellness while climbing the ladder of corporate (and life!) success. Through the years, it’s grown into the multi-platform motivational fitness community it is today. Inspired to take the MYB brand further, I’ve left my television career behind to grow the company, work with clients across the US as a Certified Health Coach with a degree from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition + AADP, and build the on-the-ground movement from coast to coast!

And it all starts by simply MOVING YOUR BOOTY! When we MOVE in a way that is social, inspiring and fun, our lives move forward in ALL kinds of ways. Our careers skyrocket, our social lives thrive and our bodies (and minds) reap the benefits. On the flip side, when we simply chase success we become uber-stressed, over-scheduled teeth-grinding insomniacs who can’t fit into our jeans.

So, I‘m on a mission to change all that. Are you with me?!



Emily @ MYB


Write me here. Or click here to learn about MYB’s Health Coaching services and email me at about additional opportunities.


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 “Move Your Booty is my new team.”

As a dedicated soccer player growing up, I thrived under competition and intensity—driven to not let my teammates down. Participating in MYBx22 challenges provides me with motivation, encouragement and the right amount of competitiveness to stick with a workout and make it count.  – SB

“The great thing about MYB is that anyone, anywhere, at any fitness level can benefit from a little MYB!” 

MYB has had a great effect on my life and fitness. It’s always been easy for me to get into a workout “rut.” For several years, I was going through the motions, not trying new things or really pushing myself. Thanks to MYB, I’ve tried new workouts I would never have, made it really fun and kept me motivated on a regular basis. Seeing MYB mail in my INBOX is always the reminder I need to get out there!  – Beth

“Emily + MYB taught me that making just one small change, like cutting out soda, can tip off an avalanche of change even in seemingly insurmountable situations.” 

I ate white bread, drank soda, put sugar in my coffee, and hadn’t exercised in a decade (eek!) – and I was miserable on every level. Emily helped me move your booty, one step at a time, and helped me realize it’s easier than you think to get that ball rolling in every aspect of your life.  And then – BIG things can happen.  – Bonnie

“She spent a lot of time with me personalizing my approach to nutrition, diet, exercise, what made me feel good, and what made me feel bad in a way that other folks haven’t spent time doing in the past.”

Working with Emily has been fantastic because of Emily’s approach to nutrition,wellness, and health, but mainly because of… EMILY! Through the coaching with her I learned that being healthy encompasses a whole range of things from sleep to relationships to delicious green smoothies. She honestly makes Moving Your Booty fun and something I looked forward to rather than something I dreaded and avoided. I can’t recommend Emily enough!!! — S

“I realized that sharing my mini victories – and being told it WAS a victory – got me running a bit more the next day.” 

I really never asked for it. I never knew I needed it. But after my first email hit my inbox, it was like a little lightening bolt making me psyched to run again the next day. Sender: Emily; Subject: MOVE YOUR BOOTY. I had just started running for fun, literally starting with 10 minutes until I was winded. And when I shared with Emily what I thought was silly efforts to even break a sweat, she was so genuine with her enthusiasm. I realized that sharing my mini victories – and being told it WAS a victory – got me running a bit more the next day. MYB helped me realize how important the mental “how-to” was. MYB became a wonderful cheerleader behind me motivating me as I moved my booty. And move my booty, I did! I ended up running my first half marathon and Emily was the first person I wanted to call after I crossed the finish line.  – Erica

“There have been times when I’ve trained hard, and others when I’ve been more casual; either way, I always feel like MYB encourages me to go the extra mile (literally).” 

I consider myself super lucky that Emily launched MYB right around the time I decided I should get in shape. Her inspirational posts, sweat style tips, music recs, and in-person support have motivated me to stick with it for the past 4+ years! No matter my goals and needs at any given time, I always feel like MYB has posts that are relevant and encourage me to go the extra mile (literally).  – MM

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